Updated Security Enhancement Now Available

Golden Valley Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our Business Online Banking Customers. We offer an additional layer of security to our log-in process called Security Tokens. This helps ensure that your information is secure, protecting you from fraud and identity theft.

With the coming enhancement of Digital Security Tokens, you will now be able to generate a one-time passcode using an app on your mobile device. The Digital Token app generates a random, one-time string of numbers that you enter when logging into your account.

It’s instant, secure and easy to use.

You’ll then find the app in the Apple or Google Play store by searching for “DIGIPASS for Business Banking” or using the links below.


Watch the Security Token module within the Business Online Banking video in our Education Center for step-by-step demonstrations of how to set up and use your new Digital Token app.

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Written by Golden Valley Bank