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Behind the Scenes Look

By Golden Valley Bank on 11/22/16 12:00 AM


Getting drone shots of the Bank


Sam and Stephanie Lapp with Marci Ryther, AVP Residential Lending Specialist, and Brent Holland


The Lapp's taking their billboard picture as our Marketing Manager, Natasha coordinates


Michelle Power, Owner of Bidwell Perk getting her picture


Taking over Bidwell Perk with Jim Beltramo, Co-owner of Miller Glass and Brent Holland


The Lapps' children excited about the new home their parents just had built.

Excited about what we have planned for next year? We sure are! This week, we are giving you a behind the scenes look into the making of our first commercial for our 2017 campaign that is rolling out in January. We can't speak highly enough about our videographer, Brent Holland from Blue Lab Media. He helps us show the community what we are all about in many ways. Us "bankers" aren't always so serious; we know how to have fun too! We get to use drones to get excellent aerial photos of the Bank that you can't see anywhere else. Not to mention goofing around with all the amazing folks who are the stars of our commercials.

Go behind the scenes of the making of one of our new commercials in the slideshow above.

See more in our commercial and find out how all these folks connect, starting in January!

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