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Chiropractic Health with the Heat

By Golden Valley Bank on 8/1/17 12:00 AM

There are fewer health professionals more valuable to a player of sports than a chiropractor. In baseball, the swinging of a bat, the craning of the neck to spot a pop-up against the sun, and the relentless catcher’s squat can all produce issues that lead to an overall musculoskeletal discomfort, which can result in reduced athletic performance. Fortunately for the players of the Chico Heat, they can rely on the services of Dr. Michelle Anderson Largent of Chico Spine and Wellness for relief.

Dr. Michelle goes to the stadium twice a week to work on the players. She has a portable table that she takes with her and if any of the players need her on days she isn’t there, they can visit her at her office location. “Ultimately,” says Dr. Michelle, “my goal is to help (the players) reach their full potential as athletes and as individuals.” There are three different ways that chiropractic care can help athletes, Dr. Michelle tells me, starting with helping them with injury recovery. It can also help prevent injury from occurring in the first place and it can optimize an athlete’s performance so that they are playing at their best. Since she’s started working for the team, Dr. Michelle has seen some great positive outcomes, especially in the performance of the pitchers on the team. “Not only do they have less tightness in their backs, but they see greater range of motion, torso rotation, and a couple of them have said they’re throwing faster,” she says. 

The Chico Heat season may be winding down, but Dr. Michelle can be found in her office location on E. 9th Street year-round. “Chiropractic care is designed to increase your body’s ability for natural healing and restorative power,” she says. We appreciate all of Dr. Michelle’s work on the Heat players and enjoy seeing valuable connections being made in our community.

Written by Maddie Rodriguez, GVB Client Services Representative

Golden Valley Bank

Written by Golden Valley Bank