Saturday night we announced the 2018 Employee of the Year – Angie Kechloian. Angie is always helping others and is loved by her coworkers. EOY is not something selected by management. Each quarter every employee is given an opportunity to vote for their top 3 EOY candidates. Throughout the year the votes are tallied and the winner is announced at the annual Employee Christmas Party.  

Here’s what employee’s had to say about Angie during the voting process:

  • Has a great attitude.  Always friendly, helpful and pleasant.
  • Amazing follow through.
  • If you need something done, you can count on her!
  • Has really embraced GVB’s Culture and is often the “face” of GVB at events she volunteers for.
  • Sets a great example of getting involved in the community!
  • Understands the importance of having accurate data and accepts the responsibility of getting it accomplished.
  • Does a great job to help others learn.
  • Rocks it!!

If you would like to say congratulations, email her at

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