Golden Valley Bank announced that the Bank’s Community Foundation donated $75,000 to the Enloe Foundation to help kick off their fundraising efforts to get our com

munity vaccinated against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

In collaboration with the County, Enloe Medical Center has established a Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Chico, CA.  While the shots are free to those receiving them, they are not “free.”  Enloe has to cover the overhead cost to administer the vaccine. The hospital’s initial goal is to vaccinate 50,000 people (100,000 vaccines).  Enloe estimates the cost will be $1.5 million.  The hospital recently announced a $750,000 matching pledge from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. founder Ken Grossman and his wife, Katie Gonser.

The Golden Valley Bank Community Foundation’s $75,000 contribution comes from the Bank’s $250,000 commitment to COVID-19 Relief generated through fees from the Paycheck Protection Program. 

“Our economy needs a good shot in the arm! Getting as many folks vaccinated as soon as possible is the best way to get past this pandemic,” said Mark Francis, President and CEO of Golden Valley Bank.  “We encourage our business community to answer Ken and Katie’s call to get our community vaccinated and our economy back on track.” 

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January 29th, 2021

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