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Help Us Reduce Waste

By Golden Valley Bank on 8/28/18 12:00 AM


That’s how many single use plastic water bottles we estimate we have given to folks in our lobby since 2006.  Strung end to end they would stretch over 8 ½ miles!

OK, enough is enough.  We hear you.  This isn’t good for the environment.

We are trying a new water dispenser as an alternative to plastic bottles.  We hope it works, because we feel better about it.  For a short period of time we will have biodegradable corn plastic cups available but eventually it would great if you could bring in your own water bottle.

To encourage you to do that we are making available two cool, high quality water bottle alternatives and offering them to you at deeply discounted prices. These are available in our lobby and can be purchased with any one of our Client Services Representatives.

Stop by the Bank today to see the change and join us in reducing our environmental impact.

Golden Valley Bank

Written by Golden Valley Bank