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Moe Whitchurch and Family | Video

By Golden Valley Bank on 6/26/15 12:00 AM

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Freight plays an important role in the transportation sector, and the transportation sector is a major component of our economy moving goods, people, employing millions, and consuming materials and services produced by other sectors of the economy. When trucks stop, America stops.

We’d like you to meet a local, Chico based trucking company who’s helped to grow Chico’s economy for 55 years and is still going strong – Whitchurch and Son.  Started by Moe Whitchurch Senior in 1960, this family owned and operated business has a fleet of trucks that spans from the Oregon border to San Diego hauling building and agricultural products to customers throughout the state. In 1998, Moe Jr. purchased the company from his parents and has continued its success with his family at the helm.

Family Matters.

As with any family run company that spans generations, there are both challenges and opportunities. Moe Jr. recognizes that while it’s nice to have family around, it can be hard at times as you have to work through personal and business issues – which can often come together providing the need for patience. “One of my favorite things is when the grandkids are in the office, see the fax machine at work and run the paper over to me excitedly saying “Papa! Papa! This is for you!”

Besides his passion for family, Moe Jr. is absolutely committed to the care and presentation of Whitchurch & Son’s equipment, which includes everything from the trucks themselves to the tools drivers use to load and unload their cargo. “We believe that it shows our dedication to the quality of service we provide. Details matter and they deliver an important first impression.” Moe says he loves hearing from customers who say that when they spot his trucks on the road during their travels across the state it makes them feel like they’re home. He also enjoys hearing compliments about his drivers who are considered some of the friendliest around.

When asked how he’s found such friendly drivers, he says, “Word of mouth. They hear about our friendly family atmosphere and dedication to quality service. Our drivers know we care about them and that they come back to town every week to spend time with their families. It all leads to a sense of pride and loyalty among everyone here.”

Golden Valley Bank is like Family.

According to Moe, his experience with Golden Valley Bank has been a really good change for Whitchurch & Son. His previous bank, with whom they had been with for decades, had grown so large they felt like nothing more than an account number. When a loan was needed to purchase a new truck, it took months, not days. Personal relationships vanished and they left feeling like little more than a distant cousin 4 times removed.

“Golden Valley Bank has made our lives so much easier. They know us by name though we rarely go into the bank.  All we have to do is make a phone call and things are done. Their eDeposit function means my wife (who handles the accounting) is able to stay here with the family instead of driving to town every day to make deposits. If we need a loan, Kevin Finney, our loan officer, is here on site with final paperwork within a matter of days. They make it so easy we don’t have to leave the office not to mention they understand us and our business. Kevin has become like family to us.”  Thanks, Moe. Keep on truckin’.

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