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Mom's and Golden Valley Bank | Video

By Golden Valley Bank on 5/1/15 12:00 AM

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When it comes to family, it all starts with Mom.

That was the inspiration for Darien and Jack Sterling as they opened Mom’s restaurant in downtown Chico.  “We wanted to create a dining establishment that encouraged families to eat together, gave Mom a break and provided her lots of options to choose from. Naming the restaurant after her made it easy for moms to remember,” said Darien.

“Start Each Day With a Smile”

Upon entering the restaurant its clear family is the center of attention. Cheerful, friendly servers and staff greet each guest with a hearty “Hello!” and make you feel right at home. Glass tabletops are adorned with photos of local moms and the menu is designed to provide something for everyone.  The food is fresh, hearty and as confirmed by the many 5 star reviews – downright good.

Creating a dining experience worth talking about isn’t new to the Sterling’s. As owners of 6 restaurants in California and Northern Nevada, Darien says they’re inspired to help each guest start their day happy, enjoy a friendly mid-day meal or end their day with a smile on their face. When asked about the secret sauce of success, Darien happily shared that it’s their “World Famous” friendly employees.   It’s not uncommon to find their employees who typically begin their jobs as strangers to each other, become roommates and then lifelong friends.  Those relationships are what create a family atmosphere that’s happy, filled with laughter and built on a solid foundation of caring and respect. It’s a true testament to how the Sterling’s run their business and it’s what brings guests back time and time again.

“My Bank Listens”

When asked how she would describe her relationship with the staff at Golden Valley Bank, Darien replied, “They have always treated us as friends and family beyond the business. And just like our Mom’s family, our involvement with GVB started with a relationship as strangers and has blossomed into so much more. Mark Francis (CEO of GVB) has been by our side for the last 22 years since the start of our first restaurant. When it came to opening Mom’s we needed a short bridge loan during the build out of the space. Golden Valley was there to help and has stood by us every step of the way…we really appreciate their support.”

Supporting a community bank dedicated to local business is something very important to Darien. When asked what, in her opinion, separates Golden Valley Bank from other banks in Chico, she quickly replied – the personal touch that every GVB employee exhibits. “Whether you see them at the bank or out in the community, each meeting comes with a pleasant conversation.”

Speaking of personal touches…the next time you’re in Mom’s don’t forget to call your mother. Mom’s has a phone booth that encourages guests to call their own mom’s and regardless of whether she lives down the street or across the world, they’ll pick up the tab.  So, what are you waiting for? Call your mom!

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