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O. Jay’s Story | Video

By Golden Valley Bank on 3/31/15 12:00 AM

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Growing up in the small northern California town of Yreka, Dermatologist Physician’s Assistant O. Jay On understands the depth of connection a community develops when everyone is either a friend, family member or neighbor. Treating each other with kindness, taking an interest and showing respect is what he grew up with and what he considers the “secret sauce” of how he approaches business with both customers and staff.

O. Jay On has been practicing dermatology for 25 years and is a graduate of Stanford University’s Physician Assistant Program.  He lectures for Stanford’s PA/NP program and is a popular public speaker and guest lecturer around the country for Pharmaceutical companies and medical providers. Suffice it to say, he loves his work.  In November of 2013, O. Jay, together with Dr. Stuart Jacobs, MD who has been delivering outstanding dermatologic care since 1976, formed Chico Dermatology with the goal of bringing quality dermatologic care to our community.

“We care.”

When asked the one word that best sums up Chico Dermatology, O. Jay On replies, “Caring. From the initial phone call to the completion of care, the entire team at Chico Dermatology is invested in the well-being of the patient both physically and emotionally.”

One of the things that stands out about O. Jay is his sense of humor and ability to make those patients who arrive apprehensive about their skin conditions - including the most bashful of teens - feel comfortable.  By listening to their story, their needs and their concern without passing judgment, he is able to fully understand the impact their skin condition is having on both their physical and mental being. He then can provide a solution designed to help them feel comfortable in both the approach and outcome.

“My bank listens.”

When asked why he chose Golden Valley Bank for his business, he went back to his roots and turned to his community. Having known Golden Valley Bank CEO Mark Francis through various local organizations and events, O. Jay found himself able to have an open, trusting relationship in which Mark provided not only banking tools and services, but also advice and guidance.

O. Jay On stated, “What stands out most about Golden Valley Bank is that they are invested in their customers’ success. Everyone at the bank is interested in my day and how things are going.  They listen to my needs and are eager to turn those requests into action.  They are very accessible. My relationship started with Mark, but blossomed into so much more”

Golden Valley offers easy-to-use products for both personal and business. They have everything I need from online banking, bill pay and ACH deposits to direct contact and personal support. Plus, they helped us with a business loan/line of credit.  Every decision is made under one roof and it’s right on Cohasset Road.”

Chico Dermatology is located at 774 East Avenue in Chico. They can be reached at 530.774.2650.

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